swedish Massage

Swedish Massage is the most common modality in which long rhythmic strokes are used on the body in the direction of the blood returning to the heart. The strokes used in the massage increase blood flow, decreases stress hormones, promotes sleep, and decreases chronic pain.

Deep tissue Massage

Deep Tissue massage is a modality in which the therapist uses slower and more forceful strokes to target the deeper layers of the muscle. This technique is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension, tendons, and fascia in order to decrease chronic pain, loosing scar tissue, and muscle damage from injuries. 

Hot stone therapy

This modality involves the application of heated stones (thermo therapy) to the body within the context of therapeutic massage. Heated stone is deeply detoxifying and profoundly relaxing. By incorporating heated stone to your massage, the circulatory system is stimulated. Circulatory activity promotes the release of toxins from the muscles and assists the body in self healing.

Sports Massage

Sports massage is a modality which is geared towards athletes. Sports massage produces overwhelming benefits for athletes physically, physiologically, and psychologically. It is designed to prepare athletes to their best performance. It is beneficial to reduce fatigue, relieve muscle swelling and tension. It promotes muscle flexibility. It also improves balance to training regimen and reduce post worn out recovery time. 

Geriatric Massage

This modality is designed to meet the specific need of the elderly. The benefits of Geriatric massage is to enhance blood flow, combat depression, improve balance and flexibility. It is also beneficial to reduce pain from arthritis, increase joint mobility, and improves posture. The Geriatric Massage is helpful for maintaining and improving overall health of the elderly.

Pre-natal Massage

A pregnant mothers body undergoes numerous changes physically, mentally and emotionally. These changes can cause stress and discomfort to mothers. This massage is wonderful to help alleviate many of these discomforts, promotes a sense of well-being. The benefits of the Pre- Natal massage is to alleviate lower back pain, enhance sleep, decrease edema, decrease fatigue and helps increase blood flow which in turn delivers more oxygen and nutrients to the mothers and the baby.

Post-partum MASSage

The whole process of child birth strains the mothers body. This modality will help increase blood flow and oxygen to the muscles to get rid of the toxins. The benefits of this massage encourages the body to release endorphins (hormones that fight pain). The massage also releases Oxytocin and Prolactin (the hormones the triggers the body to release breast milk) . The massage helps reduce post partum depression.

Cranial sacral therapy (fluid dynamics)

The study of Cranial Sacral Therapy- Fluid dynamics is a gentle and subtle whole body approach to the human experience. Bio dynamics of Cranial Sacral Therapy works with the core of our being. The therapist is trained to sense different levels of stillness and thus palpate the expression of our system as the treatment unfolds according to its own ordering principle. There are so many benefits of this treatment some of which are... trauma induced injuries headaches, migraines, temporal mandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ syndrome). Chronic pain anxiety disorder etc.

Couples massage

Massage can be a celebration and exploitation of the power of touch and sharing that experience with your spouse, mother, daughter, BFF, sister etc. at the same time in the same room brings bonding and trust between the two of you. You also express your appreciation for the other person and how grateful you are to have them in your life.

.Our couples Massage is customise to fit individual needs.

.Our clients can choose any modality of their preference.

.Re-connect with someone you love and care about

.Reduce stress, unwind, renew and relax in a serene atmosphere.  


Dry brushing massage

Dry brushing is technique that Heaven's touch has customized and made our own.

The therapist uses brushes to stimulate circulation and exfoliate your skin in the process. Dry brushing welcomes a numerous amount of benefits to the the skin and body as a whole .It cleanses your lymphatic system and immune system removing wastes and toxins from your body.  Removing the wastes and toxins will improve digestion and kidney function . It also removes dead skin layers and cellulite leaving your skin soft and smooth. The therapist concludes the session with a full body Swedish Massage to promote relaxation.

Client will take home a brush for self care.

Our signature heavens on earth session


This session includes a whole variety of treatments!!! Unbelievable...It includes:

-Dry Brushing



-Indian Head Massage

-Swedish Massage

-Shea Butter Foot Exfoliant

We pamper you with our nice steamed towels and our finest organic essential oils with an aroma of your choice.

At the end of your session you will feel a sense of calmness, focus and well balance.